Can I cancel my subscription?

All of our subscription plans auto-renew and we would hate to see you cancel but if you feel you must, simply email us at info@bamainabox.com prior to your auto-renewal date and we will quickly cancel your auto-renewal.

When will I receive my Bama in a Box delivery?

You will receive your first box within 7 days of purchasing. Each month, your box will be shipped on the same day of the month that your first box was shipped.

Is Bama in a Box worth it?

Absolutely. Each box contains products that you actually use. If you were to buy each item separately, it would cost you 20-30% more to have the items delivered to your door than your Bama in a Box costs. We pride ourselves on providing quality products at a great price.

Where is a Bama in a Box located?

We are located in Troy, Alabama. All of our boxes are packed in our headquarters on 101 East Church Street in Troy and shipped to your doorstep.

Are your boxes allergen free?

No, they are not. Our boxes often contain products that either contain allergens such as nuts or have been packaged near products that contain nuts.

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Bama in a Box 

PO Box 476 

101 East Church Street

Troy Al 36081

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